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Employee Benefits

At SLS, we value our employees and strive to make them successful, healthy and happy.

Our benefits Include:

  • 401K
  • Professional Training/Development support
  • Paid Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental
  • Vision
  1. c) Referral Bonus

 Referral Bonus Plan

Good employees are the key to any successful business. SLS invites you to participate in our referral program. By way of recognition and to thank you, we offer referral bonuses

for candidates successfully hired by SLS.

Candidate Referral Bonus Plan

If you know someone who would be a good fit for positions advertised on SLS’s company website (Careers Opportunities), please share the job description with them. If they are interested, contact SLS with your details and along with referral’s resume and details.

How much is the bonus?

The bonus payout will be $350-$1600. The exact amount will be determined by SLS Management.The Bonus will depend on several factors and will ultimately be determined by SLS Management.

The successful candidate must be employed by SLS for a period of 90 workdays in order for you (the referrer) to be eligible for the bonus. If your referral is not hired within 6 months, the referral is no longer eligible for a bonus.


SLS Management retains the right to approve or decline any referrals, as well as determine the bonus payout for each referral.

All referral payments are subject to applicable federal and state tax withholdings